April 15

Toy Car

This car is small

small as a doll it doesn’t move without a helping hand

if it was helped it would move across the land

the car is blue this is all true

but this car is still but a toy

with no joy.

Blue toy car

March 22

Diary part 1

Hello diary , this is the first sentence for my diary so i guess i’ll just write what happened and what’s on my mind. Oh wait I forgot to put the date

2-26-16 and i will highlight it with one of my new extra bright highlighters I got today because my last one dried out after my little brother chewed the cap off.  I also joined a swimming team called the chicago sharks. Speaking of teams/clubs/classes i’ve been in my dancing class for 2 months now sow i’m a pretty good dancer and i’m very likely to get a trophy or something- ooh and i was just about to put my diary away but today on the first day of swim team the water was green and moss filled. A green gas also floated above the icky water. We had to cancel swim team so they could clean it out but the next day will be great.

February 5

The Dream

Charles what do you want to be when you grow up”? “I wanna be a space guy” Charles  shouted “You mean an Astronaut right ?” “Yeah and i’m gonna bwuild a space Shwip wight now bye bye Mrs.Field” Later that day (minutes later) I arrived at my house , jumping at the door knob, Opening the door i went to the garage and there it was the big cool Super Duper Mega Wocket Ship.

I put the blue plastic key into the socket and after a big BWOOM FOOM BA DOOM The rocket ship flew up then Mrs .Field interrupted “So that’s your dream huh -Well too bad it’ll never happen … Never happen … and she finally whispers “Never”

What’s your dream ? …  GOT MILK ? 


January 12


I’ve been testing code block commands on scratch with agario. I’ve gotten some commands  like the ball following the mouse and when it eats the pellets it grows simple thing but i’m getting better. Now I’ve created a clicking horror game were you click to go around the haunted house and wait for the jump scare demise

December 16

Hour of Code

The hour of code is a tool that helps you learn code by using easy games with block coding all the way up to python and java script.I have completed the Star Wars and the Disney courses and still playing code combat.In the star wars one i have created a code game about saving puffer pigs. Then we also skyped with Chirayu Sapre. He is a principal software engineer at Symantec. When we skyped with him he got us to do a algorithm  about going to the movies.                                                                    Last and least I coded BB-8 around going through tubes and under chairs.Then tracker a Lego robot fought BB-8. BB-8 got demolished and his head nearly got sawed off by tracker.

December 3

The natural world

Octo-Goat is a AMAZING goat with eight legs. It was born at Croatian farm. In my opinion octo-goat looks amazing

but there is another great  thing in nature delicious fruit specifically  jabuticaba Its a super grape that covers trees like blankets and there’s also miracle fruit which changes lime and lemon sweet instead of sour like taste pills

November 13

Food! Food! Food!

Things I eat at my house are

  • Burritos
  • Quesadillas
  • Burgers
  • Corn dogs
  • Pizza
  • Steak
  • Chicken

But those are things I eat at my house . The food that the united states of America eats is slightly different. The top 6 foods of america that I think Americans eat most of of. #6 Sandwiches , I see people eating sandwiches of all kinds, subway sandwiches classic ham & cheese sandwich or my favorite peanut butter jelly sandwiches, delicious,something that i do though is cut peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and dip them in milk, in my opinion it’s delicious. #5 BBQ ribs, I don’t really like the taste of BBQ though that’s why I would rather have steak.#4 Corn dogs, In my opinion corn dogs with syrup is delicious try it 3. Hot dogs are like burgers but side ways and elongated with meat in the middle and two buns that are attached together . Every time I try to make one the bun always rips in half  2. Pizza a classic meal with topping choices of  pepperoni , bacon, sausage , ham, mushrooms etc. #1 Drum roll please … The burger. They come in all sorts of meats and buns , mainly chicken and beef though. You can get these delicious foods at Burger king, Apple bees, McDonalds , in & out and my favorite Jack in the box.

November 2

Mad Scientist Monster Creation Station

As a mad scientist I will be creating a monster right in front of your eyes. It shall have bright white eyes that stare deep into your soul paralyzing you with fear. It will also possess a creepy grin marked across his face along with Shaggy white hair that is straight down as if his hair was soaking wet. He wore a short lab coat that is ripped near the edges and has jet black pants that are shredded at his ankles then followed his plain black shoes. I think that’s pretty scary, tell me you’re opinion or how it should scare things in the comments below, and while you’re doing that  i’ll think of a name.

November 19


Once I was feeling unchallenged so I challenged my dad to a game of chess. We started with the basic setup. I moved my pond in a semi circle for a good defence leaving hole for attacks is what I did in the first few turns. Later my dad tricked me into making an opening for an attack for him. In my dads eyes I could see that my dad had the game all wrapped up in his hands. The reason this happened in the first place was because I was too focused on getting check mate. He made the opening slowly so I did not notice. Then he used the opening to kill one of my rooks. Because he knew that rook was in a direct path for his king. Then I decided to use my fish up in a zigzag to get as close to his king as possible.  My dad then used his horse to kill my fish up. that was my last faint taste of my victory. My dad then got chek mate with his queen. My dad said “do not alway focus on one thing, focus on multiple. So then I started to multi task any time I need to do so ever since.